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Android has high return rate!

My experience has been limited when it comes to Android, but I can guarantee that the UI is no where near as smooth as an iPhone. The few times I have used one I have always come away feeling that the OS was just cobbled together from the left overs of a bad Linux distro. This article would seem to confirm my issues with Android. I’m not saying that I will never ditch my iPhone for a handset that runs Android. What I am saying is that Google needs to work on its interface if it ever wants the iPhone to be completely defeated!

Those of us who took pleasure in the fruits of Amy Winehouse’s inner turmoil now have to acknowledge its ultimate end. As we contemplate this, we can also revel in what was most entrancing about her music: its brashness and utterly engaging power, the upfront expression of a woman who was loud without apology. Her big notes still live.


Ann Powers remembers Amy Winehouse.

(via nprmusic)

She was a messed up individual but her music showed originality and talent!!!!! All I ask of any artist is for them to be original! She was!!

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